Monday, 16 March 2009

Meet the Maker - Softy Walter

"I love making things. I can't sit and just watch the telly, I have to make something at the same time! I really enjoy working with felt as it's so tactile and comes in such a wide variety of colours meaning the possibilities are endless!

I make my felt beads by rolling two different coloured sheets of felt together and cutting into sections to make beads. I then string the beads together to make necklaces and bangles or fix them together to make brooches and hair slides.

My favourite part of the process is putting together different colour combinations - I'm a colour geek! Check out for some amazing colour palettes. I tend to make one off pieces rather than recreate them over and over, this is becasue I love putting together new colour combos so much. I think i'm a colour addict!

You can find Clare's work on Etsy and also read about her work and any other adventures on her blog.

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Fabric Nation said...

These look lovely! Like big felty sweeties! I've just reviewed some of the knitters and hookers who will be in Cambridge - Next week is jewellery so will mention softy walter there too!