Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Meet the Maker - Perfect Little Purses

Today we are featuring Joy from Perfect Little Purses, she makes gorgeous, colourful handbags from unique fabrics.

"I have always been crafty in some way. I remember making a barrel shape pencil case complete with hand sewn zip when I was about seven. I have knitted, cross-stitched and papercrafted my way through life."

"I made my first bag for myself. A cute little basket style bag with bamboo handles, and then several more as Christmas presents. The following January, I set up my etsy shop. `Perfect Little Purse Company`. To my delight, the sales did happen . These days, most of my work is custom work and selling at fairs.

Making bags is a varied and never tedious journey as my one of a kind ethos makes every one different and transforming a brief into reality is indeed a voyage of discovery."

More recently I have begun making and selling knitted animals which are under the name of `Perfect Little Friends`. These have been so popular I have been franticly knitting to order but have a few of the little treasures to bring to Cambridge. I hope to combine my loves at some point and offer knitted bags also."

Joy will be sharing her stall with her daughter Emma, you can find Emma's interview on this blog under her shop name 'Dings Insanity.'

You can find Perfect Little Purses on Etsy -

We can't wait to meet the 'Perfect Little Friends' at the fair!

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