Sunday, 8 March 2009

Meet the Maker - Button Moon

Linda of Button Moon jewellery makes jewellery from buttons! Her business began after coming across a wonderful collection of buttons. "I started to help a friend who had discovered a number of buttons amongst her Mother's possessions after she had died and wanted to use them in some way. I also had a selection of buttons that I had acquired through the years. We started with necklaces and then developed other jewellery alongside those."

I love buttons, they have always held a certain fascination for me and discovering a use for them is even better. They are very tactile to work with.

Linda is currently selling her work at craft fairs and is looking into online selling in the future - Handm@de Cambridge is one of the few places to buy Linda's work at the moment, so we are particularly happy to host 'Button Moon' at the fair.

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