Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Meet the Maker - Nat's Nest

This week our featured seller is Natalie of Nat's nest...

Tell us a little bit about you.
Hello! My name is Natalie, I'm 23 and currently living in Leicestershire. This is the first craft show I've ever done so I'm a bit nervous but using all my spare time to just sew, sew, sew!

Have you always been crafty, or is it something that you've picked up more recently?
Last year I finished a degree in fashion, but although I love to make clothes I can't afford it, as fabrics can be so expensive! So after about 8 months of not being creative at all, I came up with an idea for fabric mice dressed in minuture clothes and hats. The bunnies came along after the mice. I have always loved being arty though and spent most of my time at school drawing all over my notebooks.

Have you been particularly influenced by any other artists or events?
I have always loved the work of photographer Tim Walker, as he creates such dreamy images with almost sunbleached colours, another reality to escape into! Also I spent some time in London this year and did a bit of work for Camille Roman of Le Tour de Force, and her headpieces are fantastic. She is also such a creative person with loads of enthusiasm, that was very inspiring.

What other artists are you excited about seeing at Handm@de Cambridge?
I'm excited about seeing everyone else! I'm hoping to have some time to shop too for christmas presents! I'm looking forward to seeing Claire Hurd design for her cute embroidered and appliqued cards and accessories.

What is your favourite piece?
I'm fond of all the mice and buns as they all seem to have their own personalities and its difficult to part with them! I have a soft spot for the pirate mice though as they were some of the first.

Right now I'm working on some christmas themed ones!

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