Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Meet the Maker - Emma Passey

This week our featured seller is Emma Passey

Tell us a little bit about you.
I'm Emma Passey a 25 year old Ceramic Designer /Maker.
My ceramic studio is based in Newport South Wales, I was once asked to particapte in the auditions for the BBC's Dragons Den show, I didnt think I could pitch for bags of clay and glaze somehow.

Have you always been crafty, or is it something that you've picked up more recently?
I've never thought of myself as always being creative, I certainly took a more designer maker approach during and after University. But sometimes looking back at my school years I guess I was. I remember in one DT class we had to produce an insect, I produced a stuffed Woodlice, while the other girls made pretty insects, it was certainly thinking outside the box although slightly strange.

Have you been particularly influenced by any other artists or events?
This is something which constantly changes, at the moment Im looking at Leeds Pottery old drawing sheets and tranfers from the victorian era. In terms of artists Im particulary interested in the ceramic designer Maxium Velcosky, he produces fun high quality ceramic items which often have a story behind them.

What other artists are you excited about seeing at Handm@de Cambridge?
Corryvreckan's Button cufflinks particulary caught my eye, I'm looking forward to seeing that stand.

What is your favourite piece?
At the moment Ive been working on some flocked work called 100% Flocked, reusing old ceramic ornaments and plates which otherwise would be discarded and applying brightly coloured flocks too.

Check out Emma's beautiful and unusual work ahead of the show at her website

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