Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Meet the Maker - Land Cuckoo

Tell us a little bit about you...
Hi, my name is Sarah, I frequently forget how old I am but I have gone past 30! My postal address is in rural Bedfordshire but I live in my own little world called Land Cuckoo!

Have you always been crafty, or is something that you've picked up more recently?
I have always enjoyed making things, as a child it was usually from items found in the garden or out on walks (I still pick things up and carry them home in my pockets!). Whilst my friends played with their Barbie dolls I used to design and make the gardens for them, that is when we were not attempting to make the longest daisy chain in the world.

Have you been particularly influenced by any other artists or events?
Colour is my main influence but can be so hard to choose which to use as I just like colour in general! Daily walking in the countryside gives me the chance to absorb nature's palette.

What other artists are you excited about seeing at Handm@de Cambridge?
Looking forward to seeing Poor Robin's work in the flesh as I find it so appealing online, same with Snapdragon's actually. I am very intrigued by Emma Passey Design from what I have seen of her work on her website and Claire Hurd has some lovely products which I think I would like to own!

What is your favourite piece?
Ooo thats a tough one, I like the first time I use a new fabric and see what it looks like once it is completed. These memo boards are so bright and jolly, a good dose of red should be had everyday. The scent inside these hearts is just wonderful and it gives me a good reason to play around with a number of different fabrics and buttons. Sorting the lavender is probably one of the more tedious jobs I have to do but I am so relaxed by the end of it, nothing matters! Just have to make sure it is the last job of the day or I'd not manage to do anything else!

Are there any specific pieces you fancy that will be at Handm@ede Cambridge?
Strawberries and cream from Poor Robin
Just good enough to eat! Love the colours.

Emma Passey's 'Good Cup of Tea Teapot'
This is something I would like to have a closer look at.

You can keep up to date with Sarah and her work on her blog: http://landcuckoo.blogspot.com

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