Friday, 23 January 2009

Send us Your Stuff!

At the last Oxford fair we collected goodie bags chock full with gorgeous handmade promotional items, business cards, vouchers and other goodness. These were given out to the first 200 people visiting the fair and were extremely well received!

We will be doing the same for all the Handm@de fairs and we have begun collecting for the Cambridge fair (as well as the Winchester and Oxford fairs too) and we are asking for your items!

Whether you are an exhibitor or not we would like to receive your goodies. It can be a few small samples of your work, business cards, money off vouchers, postcards, pin badges - anything that shows of your handmade work! We do stress that quality is more important than quantity.

There is more information on what to send in the Flickr group, please do read the announcement carefully, we want to make sure all the promotional items make it into our bags so it is important they are carefully packaged, sent on time and sent to the right person! Katie of Twinklyspangle organised our bags last time, and being a sucker for punishment, she will be co-ordinating this once more!


Anonymous said...

Yes! I will think really hard about this, definitely up for it again!

Izabela said...

I am going to send something as well :)